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Gianfranco Del Barba sixth of seven children, began at an early age to work to help his family.

His childhood and adolescent was spent in very hard times where everything was missing but the desire to learn and do  was overwhelming.


The first work was to assistant his maternal uncle, who was a tailor and during his  spare time helping his mother to sell the ice  (before with the borouche pulled by horse and then with the scooter).


The desire to succeed and above all to help the family moved him as a teenager to find work as a textile techican for the socks machines. 

He start to work for << IRMAC >>  who owner was his paternal uncle and then as toolmaker mechanic  and mechanical fitter for the newborn firm << LONATI>>.


His insatiable desire to learn and improve his knowledge, led him to leave the company LONATI for SANGIACOMO who offered him a job opportunity to work for their US and OCEANIA agent based in NEW YORK  to install and mend socks machines in the hosieries around the world especially in USA - AUSTRALIA - NEW ZEALAND AND CANADA.


He start so without knowing a word of English his adventure to work and travelling around the world for many years.


In the early seventies he returned to Italy, with the intent to prepare a series of socks machines  for a next shipping to Australia, where he got  the plan to became in society an be the Manger Director of  a Major Hosiery.


In 1973, due to the failure to complete the project for Economical Crisis  of the Australian Partner, and with socks machines socks collected in a small laboratory, Gianfranco started the work as a socks producer.


At first, the activity to produce socks supposed to be temporary but then with time it became final.


Since the beginnig the working and the selling was orientated to the foreign market. 


In the eighties and nineties , the company produced socks for the major European department store and International customers.


Since the end of the nineties the market has changed and the company Gianfranco Del Barba is deeply specialized in the production of HIGH QUALITY HANDICRAFT SOCKS collaborating with famous designers, boutiques, major fashion brands and trends companies.


Today Gianfranco Del Barba is still actively engaged in the firm supported by his daughter and the entire team of people who work as a family with passion and enthusiasm to create socks with High Standards of Quality and promote a long term cooperation with each customer.



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